My dear future clients, thank you for all the trust on such an important day. I will do my best to make sure you look amazing and feel comfortable on this special day. 

My start in the profession dates back to 2011; in 2013, I’ve opened my own makeup school. 

I have extensive experience working with clients, and, if your vision of beauty is close to mine and you like my portfolio, I’ll provide the result you need. 

I use luxury brands such as: Charlotte Tilbury, Tom Ford, Chanel, Dior, Bobbi Brown, Lancôme, Clarins, Fenty beauty, Estée Lauder, YSL, etc. 

I love luxury cosmetics for the quality, luxurious textures and the incredible results they help me achieving in my works. 

Be sure in the quality of my cosmetics and the cleanliness of my brushes. 

I look forward to our meeting, your Kate xx

glamour makeup in London


Bridal makeup — £180
Bridal makeup&hair — £250


Trial makeup or hair - £160

Trial makeup&hair - £220


Makeup or hair - £130

Makeup&hair - £180


Makeup/hair — £140
Party makeup&hair — £180


There is no minimum booking for London.

Minimum booking for travels outside of London is a makeup and hair for a bride + makeup for at least one guest.

There additional fees for traveling. Travels in London are at £30, to remote parts of London fees might be higher. If there is a travel to other cities/countries needed - please let me know.

Start of work before 8am costs £30/hour.

To book your date you deposit £50 which will be added to the total on the wedding day.

Payment in cash or card (bank transfer or terminal) immediately after the work is done.

Wedding accompaniment is £80/hour.

During the accompaniment, I will be nearby monitoring whether everything looks good, if necessary I will correct your lipstick, and we can also make small edits one time, like changing the color of the lipstick, applying glitter to the eyes, add contouring/blush. We can also slightly transform the hairstyle (for example, make a low bun out of curls).